Passing the baton

Mark Doliner mark at
Wed Apr 2 03:19:07 EDT 2008

On Tue, 1 Apr 2008 20:22:30 -0700, Sean Egan wrote
> I'm ready to pass the 'maintainer' baton over. I've already talked
> about this with all the other developers (hopefully I didn't miss
> anyone!), and Mark Doliner is the favorite to take the reins. Mark's
> afraid he doesn't have the time to serve as a 'lead developer' role
> anymore (a sentiment I totally understand), and so he'll serve more 
> as a "maintainer," while Daniel and Sadrul are more 'lead 
> developers.' I'll allow Mark to follow up on it, if he wishes.

I haven't talked to anyone about anything, and I can't think of anything to
add.  Daniel and Sadrul are both awesome, and have been steady contributors
for a while now.  But don't let that overshadow the fact that there are many
other awesome contributors who have been around for longer and continue to
contribute on a regular basis.  Everyone is awesome!

> In practicality, I don't expect very much will change; I've been less
> active than I should be for some time, and everyone else has already
> been doing a great job of picking up the slack. And even when I am
> active, the project largely runs itself; we typically get by great on
> sheer consensus. I know Mark, Daniel, and Sadrul will all do great
> jobs.

I totally agree, I don't expect very much will change either.  I'm pretty
amazed at how we somehow all have the same vision for where Pidgin/libpurple
should be headed.  I know we sometimes talk about when should we do
gobjectification, or what should go into 3.0.0, or when should we switch to
the new msn code, but I still think it's sweet that we come to a consensus
without a whole lot of arguing.

> Thanks everyone, for such an amazing experience!

Thanks Sean!


P.S. I know this email makes it sound like I'm on ecstasy, but I'm totally not.

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