Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Thu Apr 3 03:56:53 EDT 2008


Ethan Blanton wrote:
> Eusoj Xirdneh spake unto us the following wisdom:
>> [...]  I would like to start by changing the way that the
>> conversations and server windows appear. Something more like XChat or
>> mIRC, but with some twists. [...]
> An improved group chat interface would indeed be a welcome addition to
> Pidgin, in my opinion.  It isn't exactly clear to me what is "bad"
> about the current interface, however.  I know that I don't
> particularly enjoy using it, but I can't say why [...]
Well, what I can say is, that I usually keep my window size for Pidgin's 
message (I do use tabs) at a size which is comfortable for normal IMs. 
When it comes to MUCs you get a name-list added, shrinking the available 
width (Point 1 which I think may make you feel "uncomfortable").

Second: The timestamps I get in a Jabber MUC are with complete date and 
time, stealing some extra pixels from the available line width.

Third: Every "message" is considered as a paragraph. This is also a 
difference between the usual irc-client you are used to.

Fourth and last: The colors. In an MUC I usually just want my 
messages/nick to be colorized. In a bigger MUC (like 
devel at there are just too many colors.

Ok, that's it. Remember: I know that for each of the above points there 
are reasons why it is, like it is and/or workarounds (e.g you can use a 
separate window for MUCs and keep this on bigger, etc.) exist. These are 
just my thoughts which might be some reasons why one could feel 
uncomfortable with the chat interface of Pidgin.


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