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Eusoj Xirdneh spake unto us the following wisdom:
> Hi there, I would like to apply for SoC. Here's the idea. I have found
> that almos nobody uses Pidgin for IRC, and i think it can be improved
> in many ways. I would like to start by changing the way that the
> conversations and server windows appear. Something more like XChat or
> mIRC, but with some twists. Also i have found that there are no file
> transfers protocols implemented in the IRC chat, so i would like to
> implement at least the dcc protocol and if theres time, probably ctcp.
> thnx for reading

If you wish to be considered for SoC, you need to submit an
application through Google's SoC process.  (You're welcome to submit
ideas for discussion here, but make sure you apply there!)

An improved group chat interface would indeed be a welcome addition to
Pidgin, in my opinion.  It isn't exactly clear to me what is "bad"
about the current interface, however.  I know that I don't
particularly enjoy using it, but I can't say why -- a good start for
an application for this project might be figuring out what it is that
you don't like about the current interface, and proposing some ways to
improve it.  "Make it like XChat" or "make it like mIRC" are not
necessarily promising suggestions -- both XChat and mIRC have chat
interfaces which are quite a bit more complicated than Pidgin for
casual use, which I think is a use case we want to care about.

DCC file transfer is already supported, as are quite a few CTCP


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