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segalion segalion at
Fri Apr 4 05:50:39 EDT 2008

I´d like to ask for a command line interface to interact with pidgin.
In example, for:

- Change state from command line:
$pidgin-client --state "dont_disturb" --text-state "Meeting from 11:00 to
12:00 at B55 room"

- Send a IM from command line
$pidgin-client --sendIM "myfriend at gmail" "hello friend. Please call me  now
at my mobile phone"

- Send file

- Interact for get last IM received...

- Change proxy options ...

The posibilities to integrate pidgin easily with other applications via
commandline make it the powerful tool ever from pounces...

- I.e. make a little external application (script) that interact with my
calendar (lotus, gcalendar, etc.) and change the state at pidgin...
- Automatically send a IM when finish a freevo record...

Seems not very difficult to code, and gives a powerful tool to increase
funcionality never dreamed.

Thanks in advance.
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