Gnu TLS/XMPP issues.

Jeremy Lawler jeremylawler at
Tue Apr 1 22:40:02 EDT 2008

I'm running a djabberd server with adium/pidgin clients.
The problem only started in Adium 1.2.4 (and all the Betas) and also
Pidgin 2.4.x.
The clients would restart the connection over and over again.  I
believe it's a problem with GnuTLS on XMPP.  There are 2 logs
attached, one of which was already linked to a couple people.  Also,

I talked with Sean about it online, and here are the relevant Q&As:

seanegn: so, you're probably using JIDs like "lawlerk at," but
the server is running on ''
Me: Hmmm. It gets passed authentication. The connection doesn't drop
until the roster is delivered.
Me: nope, I use the FQDN of the box
Me: btw, I appreciate you taking a look.  I tried to do as much
research as possible to avoid asking something in a faq somewhere
seanegn: Yeah, I can see why you'd doubt it's a SASL thing ;)

seanegn: what do the server logs say?
seanegn: Also, a Pidgwin log would be great.
Me: Server logs aren't useful. They don't log anything below the SSL
layer, so all I get is a "DISCONNECTED"
Me: Basically, this:

WARN  DJabberd.IQ                              Unknown IQ packet:
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.XML.ClientIn         no_id < <iq type='get'
id='purpleff9dffcc'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:roster'/></iq>
INFO  DJabberd.IQ                              Sending roster to conn no_id
INFO  DJabberd.Connection.XML.ClientIn         <iq
to='jlawler at' type='result'
id='purpleff9dffcc'><query xmlns='jabber:iq:rost
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.XML.ClientIn         no_id < <presence><priority>1
</priority><c xmlns=''
node='' ext='moodn nickn tunen avatar'
DEBUG DJabberd.Connection.ClientIn             DISCONNECT: 1

seanegn: Can you check Help > About under "Library support" and tell
me what's configured for TLS and SASL?

Debugging Information
Plugins: Enabled
SSL: SSL support is present.
GTK+ Runtime: 2.12.8
Glib Runtime: 2.14.6
Library Support
Cyrus SASL: Enabled
Gadu-Gadu library (libgadu): Internal
GtkSpell: Enabled
GnuTLS: Disabled
Network Security Services (NSS): Enabled
Perl: Disabled
Tcl: Disabled
Tk: Disabled
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