[Off-Topic] Freelance Job for modificantions in pidgim

Carlos Eduardo Langoni ce.langoni at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 15:18:52 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Sorry for this Off-Topic.

My company needs some modification in pidgim in order to make easier
to our workmates install and configure pidgin in win32-plataform.

We try to found some programmer in Brazil but with no sucess.
1 - Makes the XMPP protocol the only one at protocols list
2 - Always force the use of encryption before send a message, if it's
possible activate encription by an automatic way
3 - Remove History from menu
4 - Put our logo in the chat windows

 The encription plugin can be found at:

 The final binaries should be at win32 format and (as GPL requires) all
 modified source code should be send to us, in order to make it public.

 We'll need from u how much it will cost (in us dollar), how could we pay
 and how long time u should take to give us the final version.

 We are from Brazil.

 Thanks a lot and sorry again for the OffTopic
 Carlos Langoni
 Nipcable Telecom

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