[Off-Topic] Freelance Job for modificantions in pidgim

Etan Reisner pidgin at unreliablesource.net
Tue Apr 8 10:53:57 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 04:18:52PM -0300, Carlos Eduardo Langoni wrote:
> Hi all,
> Sorry for this Off-Topic.
> My company needs some modification in pidgim in order to make easier
> to our workmates install and configure pidgin in win32-plataform.
> We try to found some programmer in Brazil but with no sucess.
> 1 - Makes the XMPP protocol the only one at protocols list

Doing this requires simply removing the other protocol .dll files from the
plugin directory. That won't prevent people from adding their own plugin
.dll files, so if you are concerned about that you will need to do a
little more. I don't know if the Windows build files support building
plugins statically but that (combined with disabling plugin support) would
be what you would need to do to get xmpp only with no ability to load
other protocols.

> 2 - Always force the use of encryption before send a message, if it's
> possible activate encription by an automatic way

Forcing a plugin to load is doable, forcing the plugin to be active may or
may not be. But it should be possible to simply force the plugin to abort
sending a message if it was not able to encrypt it successfully, if you
can accept that sort of failure.

> 3 - Remove History from menu

What 'History'? From what menu? Are you trying to disable the ability to
log conversations? Removing an item from a menu is not at all difficult,
removing the ability to enable logging is not difficult either as long as
you don't mind the interface for it still existing. Removing all traces of
it from the interface isn't difficult just more tedious.

> 4 - Put our logo in the chat windows

In the conversation window? Depending where you want to put it and what
size you want it to be a plugin can do this more or less easily.

>  The encription plugin can be found at:
>  http://pidgin-encrypt.sourceforge.net
>  The final binaries should be at win32 format and (as GPL requires) all
>  modified source code should be send to us, in order to make it public.
>  We'll need from u how much it will cost (in us dollar), how could we pay
>  and how long time u should take to give us the final version.
>  We are from Brazil.
>  Thanks a lot and sorry again for the OffTopic
>  Carlos Langoni
>  Nipcable Telecom

Most of what you want isn't particularly difficult nor would it require
much code. I don't believe any of the current developers are likely to
take you up on a for-contract offer like this, though you may be able to
get some success from a public bounty in general. If you have any in-house
programmers much of what you want should be doable for them without too
much ramp-up time (and with a few questions to this list or in our irc
channel or xmpp chat room).


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