Gnu TLS/XMPP issues.

Jeremy Lawler jeremylawler at
Tue Apr 8 22:31:12 EDT 2008

Sorry, you guys saw the log you see is much later.  The problem was
 originally occurring with the standard 5222/standard TLS.  I only
 enabled "Old style" ssl support during debugging.
 The results are the same either way.

 Also, if I turn crypto off, everything works flawlessly.

 I'm glad to hear it's not GnuTLS.  However, I don't even know where to
 start from here.  The next step I can think of is recompiling a pidgin
 client with a ton of debug in the crypto library.  The idea of
 debugging a crypto implementation is...less than appealing.  What I'm
 saying is I'm more than willing to help debug/code a solution, I just
 need to figure out where to start.


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