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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Apr 9 22:23:10 EDT 2008

nosnilmot at wrote:
> Make ./configure fail immediately if requirements for enabled options are
> not met. This should provide more reproducible feature sets for users
> instead of picking up what development packages happen to be installed when
> they compile.
> Options can of course be disabled with the --disable-XXX arguments.
> Some of the cases that this will now fail on by default may not be
> considered essential, if people feel that about any of them then we should
> switch the features to disabled by default.

I think we should disable the Evolution integration plugin by default.  I don't
see much point to it being enabled by default considering all we ever hear about
it is the bug reports it generates.  I also don't think it's unreasonable to
expect packagers wanting to provide it to add a configure argument to their
existing setups.


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