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Sun Apr 13 12:04:09 EDT 2008

On Apr 13, 2008, at 11:04 AM, Stu Tomlinson wrote:

> On Sun, 2008-04-13 at 02:40 -0400, nosnilmot at wrote:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Revision: 7643bc26fb7820fa60ef81d9d41fe6e3d4c9d8e5
>> Ancestor: 5d71cdc2939b6021e8fbb5c200bcc650f2bcb2d7
>> Author: nosnilmot at
> For the record, I did not commit this. I really really do not  
> appreciate
> other people committing things in my name like this without at least
> some explanation in the commit message. (yes, I did write the patch).

Very sorry about that, Stu. Since my key signed it, mtn certainly  
knows that I committed it and specified an author to indicate, well,  
authorship, so I assumed it would indicate these two separate names.   
Next time I'll know that the system isn't going to communicate such  
things automatically and will include it in the commit message  

> Having said that, can we now get rid of the "Use GSSAPI (Kerberos v5)
> for authentication" account preference as we fall back to other
> mechanisms now?

Although there are some edge cases where it'd be nice not to attempt  
GSSAPI at all (I've seen at least one setup where a user had to wait  
30 seconds for the blocking DNS resolve to fail before login would  
continue), generally it shouldn't be necessary.  I don't have a  
problem with removing it.

Ethan wrote:
> P.S. Evan -- please do wrap your commit messages at somewhere between
>     72 and 80 characters.

Will do.


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