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Vivien Bernet-Rollande vivien.bernet-rollande at etu.utc.fr
Tue Apr 15 19:02:25 EDT 2008

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Hi everyone.
I've started playing arround with the code.
First thing I wanted to say is : congrats. It's the first time I write
code that interacts with an important existing code base, and I'm
pretty amazed by the power of what you guys have built. The whole
plugin interface is just ... impressive, well-thought, extensible,
easy to use, and powerful. So yeah, props to all of you. I'm honestly

Now, a few questions.
The first ones are about the Gobjectification. I've read a bit on the
Gnome Website (and in signals.c), and I can easily see what it brings
in terms of data manipulation (hashtables, linked lists, etc). Now I
was wondering if the goal was to totally Gobjectify the code (like
using gchar instead of char everywhere), or just in the parts where it
makes coding easier ? If I write code, should I try to use only gObjects ?

Another question, still related to Gobjectification. On the (short)
page on gobjectification on the wiki is the line
"s/purple_signal_emit/g_signal_emit". Although I totally understand
the idea, it seems to me it wouldn't be possible to do that while
keeping the DBUS interface, would it ?

While I'm talking about DBUS. As some of you might remember, I
submitted a SoC application related to the "master password" project.
I started thinking about how to implement it, and one of the issues
I've come with is the following. Provided that security we are looking
for maximum security, and storing passwords in non-swapable memory, I
believe all those efforts would be voided if we were to emit a signal
asking for a plugin to store the password if the passwords gets
broadcasted over D-BUS (therefore in uncontrolled memory). So is there
a way to send a signal without it being broadcasted through D-BUS ?
Should I rather think of using something else than the signal
interface ? Or should I discard this as not being a real issue ?

I think that's all (or at least, on the other questions I haven't done
any research, so I'll do some homework before I ask). So yeah, good
night, and thanks to however has answers/comments/ideas/whatever.

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