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On Tue, Apr 15, 2008 at 5:02 PM, Vivien Bernet-Rollande <
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> Hi everyone.
> I've started playing arround with the code.
> First thing I wanted to say is : congrats. It's the first time I write
> code that interacts with an important existing code base, and I'm
> pretty amazed by the power of what you guys have built. The whole
> plugin interface is just ... impressive, well-thought, extensible,
> easy to use, and powerful. So yeah, props to all of you. I'm honestly
> impressed.

Yeah hacking on Pidgin is pretty clean and fun :-)

> Now, a few questions.
> The first ones are about the Gobjectification. I've read a bit on the
> Gnome Website (and in signals.c), and I can easily see what it brings
> in terms of data manipulation (hashtables, linked lists, etc). Now I
> was wondering if the goal was to totally Gobjectify the code (like
> using gchar instead of char everywhere), or just in the parts where it
> makes coding easier ? If I write code, should I try to use only gObjects ?

We already *use* GObjects in Pidgin (The Gtk+ UI is based on GObjects).  The
goal of Gobjectification is to make GObject derived "classes" out of the
existing Purple home-brewed object / type system.

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