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Phil Hannent phil at
Tue Apr 22 10:57:11 EDT 2008

kimonas fountoulakis wrote:
> Hi to all!!

> My name is Kimonas, i am interested to develop custom emoticons handling 
> for pidgin, like msn
> Can someone help me?
I will try.

> I read the libpurple documentation, and saw that switchboard.h , slp.h , 
> object.h
> have relation at some way with the handling custom emoticons, but i 
> can't really understarnd how to modify them in order to achieve my
> aim.
You will need some knowledge of the C programming language and maybe some GTK 
experience, not a great deal but some.

> if you believe that i have not understand something well, please inform me!!
> I am new, and this is a work for my University
This is a long standing ticket [1], I would suggest you read the ticket, read 
the developer guidelines [2] and then try out the branch for yourself.  Report 
any bugs and try and fix them.

Hope that helps
Phil Hannent


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