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Phil Hannent phil at
Fri Apr 25 05:38:26 EDT 2008

Note: Often replies are taken as hostile, I mean nothing of the sort and am just 
engaging your questions to see what you think of my point of view.

Zdenek Kabelac wrote:
> I'm mostly happy user of pidgin for quite some time (even thought
> centerim is occasionally needed when pidgin starts to crash)
Is this crash a known bug of which you are speaking about?

> Is there anyone here interested in the memory requirements of pidgin -
> or is it just me who thinks that using 12MB on the heap to keep couple
> icq contacts and two irc chat windows is too much :)
> (Also it could be seen that many other libs seems to take quite some
> space even when they are not used)
I do not personally see a problem.  The binaries on my PC total over 16MB, while 
you may only have icq and irc buddies I would expect you have the possibility, 
at a moments notice, to add MSN, AOL, Jabber contacts to name a few.  Plus there 
are images, windows, logs, plugins and connects.

I have a 2GB good desktop machine so 16MB is roughly 0.8% of my total RAM usage.

Phil Hannent
N.B. I am not a Pidgin developer.

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