pidgin: ae37fe6b: Added "chat-join-failed" signal, emitted...

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Mon Apr 28 22:37:19 EDT 2008

* John Bailey had this to say on [28 Apr 2008, 22:24:28 -0400]:
> evands at wrote:
> > ChangeLog: 
> > 
> > Added "chat-join-failed" signal, emitted by a new serv_got_join_chat_failed()
> > function in server.c. This is emitted with the PurpleConnection and
> > chat name and allows a UI or plugin which was expecting a group chat to be
> > joined to know if failure occurred.
> > 
> > serv_got_join_chat_failed() is only called by jabber so far; I know that
> > at least oscar should call it some situations, as well, such as when a 
> > busted SNAC error is received after trying to join a chat with an invalid
> > room name.
> This addition of API and a signal forces us to version 2.5.0.  While I have no
> issues with bumping our version number, I am curious why this is needed and what
> benefit it gives us.  Also, do we want to force 2.5.0 now?  If so, I think
> Sadrul wants to merge the custom smiley stuff.

Actually, it's almost a month since our last release. I would much
rather we do a string freeze in a day or two, get a release out in a
week, and then merge the custom smiley branch, and add any other
signal/API we want to, including the chat-join-fail signals and API. We
can keep the new changes in .next.minor until then.


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