MSNP* in official release

Francois Botha igitur at
Tue Apr 29 09:44:38 EDT 2008

> The msn-pecan buddy list is different from the official msn buddy list.
> Most people don't have an issue with this, since msn-pecan once was
> experimental it's better to don't mess with the original buddy list.
I got this too.  It's ok for the buddy list to duplicate, but surely 
both instances of the buddy shouldn't appear as online?!  The intuitive 
thing for me was to remove the one, and I ended up remove my buddy 
totally.  After a few days I noticed that many of my contacts had just 
disappeared, but in fact it was because I "removed" them.  Pretty confusing.
> On the other hand, now that it's more stable it would be nice to
> smoothly enable it and use the original buddy list. This would require
> changes to the contact list, again; use the protocol name instead of
> the plug-in name.
> I think improving the smiley theme is good enough for now.
To be honest, the buddy list issue is much more important to me than 

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