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MonoApe monoape at
Wed Apr 30 19:02:29 EDT 2008


rekkanoryo: "The fact that we aren't willing to undo our UI changes is not a sign of communications failure."

No, it's a sign of disdain and arrogance in not listening to the community that contributes to the existence of Pidgin.

rekkanoryo: "We have listened to the whining, ..."

That sums up the depth of maturity and respect nicely.

rekkanoryo: "...we had similar numbers of complaints about our changes to the buddy list and status UIs in the transition from 1.5.0 to 2.0.0. The complaints died down after several weeks."

What sort of half-witted logic is that?  Of course the complaints died down.  People uninstalled Pidgin, gave up on the project or they realised their requests and complaints were being dismissed and ignored - so they stopped complaining.  Duh.

rekkanoryo: "...we claim to make an IM client that meets our own needs..."

Really?  If that's true, a big, fat warning needs posting on the front page to let people know that Pidgin is not developed for the community that contribute to it, but for the arrogant developers who write the code.  I'm sure once that gets out, there'll be a number of Linux distros who won't be so eager to include Pidgin by default.

rekkanoryo: "The Path to Enlightenment is unique for each individual."

So true.  Unfortunately some people who impact the lives of others have a long, long way to go down that path.

As has been said by others, if Pidgin were commercial software there's a good chance some of the developers would be looking for a new job about now.

Shame on you.


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