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Wed Apr 30 19:24:53 EDT 2008

MonoApe wrote:


The users contribute?  I don't mean to be an ass (but I'm sure it'll be
misconstrued that way.  The fact is, the number of contributors is
dwarfed by the number of complaints.

> As has been said by others, if Pidgin were commercial software there's a good chance some of the developers would be looking for a new job about now.

If Pidgin we would be making money off of it, which it would then most
likely be our primary source of income.  It is neither, so please,
listen to your own advice and try to be rational.  I'm sure there were
more people commenting on that ticket than John, and now you've gone an
singled him out.  Why should we listen to you when you're looking down
your nose at us, contradicting the very things you're calling us out on.

> Shame on you.

Okay, I hate to say this, but I have been against the auto resizing
input since it was first committed (well when I first built with it).
However, I have not had time to address the issue, and have actually
come quite accustomed to it.  I still don't like it, but it's not
killing me.

Now you can interpret this any way you like, and I'm sure it'll be
negative, but shame on you for making me waste the little time I have
responding to this email which is completely counter productive and is
actually hurting contributions due to lack of anything substantial to
resolving the issue in a sane manner.

You're friendly neighborhood annoyed pidgin dev who even called that
we'd still be talking about this months later...

Gary Kramlich <grim at>

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