Pidgin Voice and Video under Windows

Birger Brunswiek birger at
Sun Aug 17 12:47:04 EDT 2008

Philip Hannent wrote:
> Birger Brunswiek wrote:
>> I've got the Pidgin voice and video branch to compile under Windows. It
>> runs but soon crashes as I access any voice or video functions. I was
>> wondering what people use to debug Pidgin under Windows. Can I use
>> Windbg or even the Visual Studio debugger or do I have to stick with gdb?
> The video and voice is dependent on an external library [1] which I
> would suspect you have not compiled since I do not think it has been
> ported to windows yet.

Most of my time getting this to run actually went into compiling 
Farsight2. The only part I did not get to compile is the rawudp 
transport which is (apparently) used in the  vv branch. There are bits 
that still need to be ported to Windows in that part of Farsight2. I'm 
on my way of doing that.

> The debugger you are after is drmingw [2], the windows debugger as far
> as I know has never been used on this project.

Thanks, I'll look into drmingw.


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