sometimes offline contacts marked with 'show when offline' contacts don't show

Cameron Braid cameron at
Tue Aug 26 22:44:52 EDT 2008

I'm using version 1:2.5.0-0ubuntu2~ppa1 on hardy

I have marked some xpmm contacts as 'show when offline' and there are cases
where they don't show until I toggle  "Buddies -> Show Offline Buddies" on
and then off.

It only happens to some contacts marked in this way, as I have others in the
same group that work just fine.

I can reproduce this by restarting pidgin

I am also sure that there have been other times it has happened but I can't
remember the exact steps taken to reproduce it.

I tried to find a way to submit a bug in trac but could only find a login
form, and not a signup form.


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