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John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sat Feb 2 19:18:49 EST 2008

Felipe Contreras wrote:
> Not in git, the tools are awesome:

But gitweb isn't in git itself, thus it is not in any way a relevant comparison
of git's built-in features to monotone's built-in features.  Nor is viewmtn or
any theoretical replacement that would make something like gitweb a part of
monotone.  When I made my statement earlier, I was referring solely to the
built-in tools in monotone.  I still suggest that you cannot throw a VCS at me
whose built-in tools are more efficient for me than searching my mail.

At any rate, I can still search my commit mails folder faster than I could
browse to such an "awesome" webpage.

> It might be *on* but if I can't get into the main
> site how am I expected to find the right URL?

I would expect anyone who wants frequent access to ViewMTN to bookmark it once
finding it, like I would do if I cared to browse something in someone's CVS or
SVN with their installation of ViewVC.

> I refuse to save that URL, or type any commit id; take a look at this
> commit mail notification:
> Want to see the actual commit? just click on the link below the revision ID.

This is nothing more than a trivial modification of the stock SVN commit mail
post-commit hook--the stock SVN post-commit hook does not have this feature;
similar has been done to our monotone commit mail script, as has already been

That said, X has long supported highlighting text to copy it, followed by a
middle click to paste, thus saving the effort of typing a revision number.


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