Patch for Yahoo Messenger problems w/ HTTP proxy

Gideon N. Guillen gideong at
Fri Feb 8 10:42:59 EST 2008

When using an HTTP proxy to connect with Yahoo messenger, some features aren't 
working. For example: icons of your buddies on the chat window and the buddy 
list can't be displayed because pidgin/purple can't retrieve the buddy icons.

It seems the cause of the problem is that there are some missing parts in the 
proxy HTTP request. For example, if the buddy icon needs to be retrieved from

The header of HTTP request that must go through the proxy should have the 
following format:

            GET HTTP/1.0

However, from the debug window and using Wireshark, I found out that this is 
what Yahoo protocol plugin sends to the HTTP proxy:

            GET /buffyname/icon.png HTTP/1.0

This causes the HTTP proxy to return that the request made is invalid (403 on 
our proxy server). Same thing goes for POST requests (in yahoo_alias.c).

I have attached a patch to fix send the correct HTTP request to the server. I 
don't know if this is also the case with other protocols. I'm only allowed to 
use Yahoo Messenger on the place where I have to use an HTTP proxy. The patch 
is made against pidgin 2.3.1 source.

Gideon N. Guillen
gideong at
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