PEP (Personal Eventing Protocol) and PubSub

Arne König arne.ko at
Wed Feb 13 09:21:46 EST 2008


Casey Harkins wrote:
> Plugin would be appropriate. If you run into problems where you are
> lacking pidgin API to accomplish something, we should be able to address
> that.

I try to write a plugin that extends jabber myself and ran into a
Having no access to entity capability informations, my first approach
was to query every entity myself and 'hijack' the outgoing disco IQ
result at the other end. While it seemingly worked, it surely isn't the
right way to go since it means to send redundant messages, knowing that
the information is already present somewhere in pidgin.

As long as I am not missing something, it seems that with more plugins
like this appearing, a facility to add/remove jabber features and
retrieving other client's features directly from pidgin is necessary.

Arne König

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