Windows IME almost unusable

Gerrit Sangel z0idberg at
Fri Feb 15 18:25:09 EST 2008

Hello list,

I’ve experienced the following severe bug under Windows (somehow strangely, it 
works fine under Linux, even though I suspected exactly otherwise)

For East Asian scripts, the user has to use an input method editor, short IME, 
to type the characters (which are far too many for a simple keyboard).

Under Windows this is done by the Windows IME, for example MS-IME 2000 under 

The bug is now the following:

If I type in a word, I would expect the pre-commited string to appear in the 
ordinary text field, just like when I type German or so. If I enter Space, a 
popup-field would appear and I could choose the appropriate character.
This works fine in all QT apps under Linux and in every windows app I know 
(except gtk apps) and also in Firefox. It is almost unusable in every GTK app 
under linux, and in many gtk apps on Windows, too.
In GTK, the pre-commited string often does not appear in the text field. It is 
somewhere on the desktop and you first have to search it. Thus, it is almost 
impossible to write a longer sentence convenient in the field. I would think 
this makes Pidgin unusable for chatting in CJK, because it is _extremely_ 
inconvenient to type that way.

I can’t stress how important this is. IME are very important for some 
languages and are in fact the basis of their way to input their language into 
the computer.

I have attached two images, first, the way it should be (qt.png), and then, 
how it is with pidgin under windows (win.png)

Gerrit Sangel
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