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Bill Fassler bill.fassler at
Wed Feb 20 11:33:23 EST 2008

Hi Gents. 

 As some of you may recall I cross compiled a version of FInch to an
embedded Blackfin DSP running under uCLinux.  If I remember
correctly, I had more trouble with the dependent libraries than I actually
did with Finch.  Although I never successfully was able to build a "static"
version Finch which would be ideal in an embedded system.  I didn't
explore deeply enough to say with any certainty that the problem was in
Finch, although it did look like all the dependent libraries had static
versions in the appropriate lib area.

I haven't done anything with this in months, but am quickly approaching
the date that we may proceed with a custom proprietary portable VoIP
and video telephony product that will include features such as web
browsing, movie viewing, mp3player and IM (Finch) among other open
source features.

I am about to begin with trying to cross-compile (migrate) to the
prototype product board and am considering updating all my source
(which is about a 1/2 - 1 year out of date).

Here are my questions:

1) I have heard a rumour that there is a patch for glib-2.x.x that removes
the need for unicode/internationalization, but haven't been able to locate
it yet.  Any of you ever hear of it or seen it?

2) My last attempt (which was successful with the exception of secure
socket layer support) had these additional library dependencies (with the
versions  I used and in the order that I think you have to compile them)

PS - Keep in mind that it is not always feasible for me to simply go with
the newest, latest and greatest because I have found that some of the
newer features/enhancements may have functionality that is not yet
supported in the blackfin uClibc toolchain. Even the ones I have listed
below are most likely NOT ideally matched as some expect automake 1.9
while others expect automake 1.10, but I did get all this to work:

- libicomv-1.11
- gettext-0.16.1
- libxml2-2.6.29
- libtasn1-0.3.10
- libgpg-error-0.5
- libgcrypt-1.2.4
- glib-2.13.4
- gnutls-2.0.0
What is the current most stable version of Finch and do you have a
comprehensive list of dependent library version numbers that all work
well together and have been tested to work with Finch?  (I couldn't find it
on your site if it exists.

Since Finch is the only open source application (I have) that requires
these libraries, the overhead is enormous (and basically unacceptable)
for an  embedded product, but if I can get a static version of Finch which
compiles in only the necessary portions of the above libraries than I have
a more realistic chance of including it in the product.  Although I have no
such limitations for a demo prototype.

Bill Fassler

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