Confirmation button closing whole application

Gustavo Rondina rondina at
Fri Feb 22 09:19:29 EST 2008

Hello devel folks.

I'm running Pidgin 2.3.1 compiled from the tarball (a while ago) under
Debian Etch.  It works very well, but I am experiencing a quite odd
behavior regarding an ICQ account within Pidgin. The problem
appears when someone adds me to their ICQ contact list.  Under the
buddy list pane Pidgin shows me a message like this:

     "XXXXX has made YYYYY her or his buddy"

Where XXXXX is the ICQ UIN of the person that add me and YYYYY is my ICQ
UIN.  Just below this message we have a "Close" button.  I suppose the
purpose of this button is to close the message pane which is used to show
the notification message, but it is instead closing the whole application
when I push it.  I don't know if this problem exists with other accounts,
I only use Pidgin for ICQ and MSN, and so far the problem has only showed
up in the ICQ account.  Is this a bug or something?  If this is the case,
have it been corrected in the newer releases?

Excuse me in advance if I'm troubling you guys about an already corrected


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