error compiling finch

Bill Fassler bill.fassler at
Mon Feb 25 16:20:06 EST 2008

I suppose this may be isolated to my canadian cross environment, but I had no problems cross compiling the shared libraries.  I've tried libtoolize --force and autoreconf -i --force.... nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/vocal/project/blackfin-svn-trunk/bf561-vphone/archive/uClinux-wchar/user/pidgin-first/libpurple'
Making all in gconf
make[4]: Entering directory `/home/vocal/project/blackfin-svn-trunk/bf561-vphone/archive/uClinux-wchar/user/pidgin-first/libpurple/gconf'
LC_ALL=C ../../intltool-merge -s -u -c ../../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../../po purple.schemas
Possible unintended interpolation of @INTLTOOL_ICONV in string at ../../intltool-merge line 96.
Global symbol "@INTLTOOL_ICONV" requires explicit package name at ../../intltool-merge line 96.
BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ../../intltool-merge line 263.
make[4]: *** [purple.schemas] Error 9

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