Buddy pounce

Peter Allingmon peter.allingmon at telia.com
Tue Feb 26 13:56:49 EST 2008

Hello, developers.

I assume this has low importance to you, but to me it ment that much, I
had to write you this letter.

I'm using the swedish translation of Pidgin. I was surprised of the
"Kompisattack" function name. It gave me bad associations.

"Kompisattack" seems to be a fairly direct translation of "Buddy
pounce". The word is composed from "Kompis" and "attack". "Kompis is
frequently translated into "Buddy" and "attack" means "attack".
"Buddy attack".
To me it feels like I'm attacking a buddy. Possibly with some hostile
activity, and that is not what I want to do to a Buddy.

Looking up an english dictionary service (Merriam-Webster,
http://www.m-w.com) the word "pounce" is explained as
"to take sudden, violent action against"
<the muggers pounced on the unsuspecting tourists as soon as they
rounded the corner>
They even relate pounce to dagger.

Is that the intention of Pigeon? Violent actions? Maybe DOS-attacks?

In the Pigin Wiki, one is told to think of Buddy pounce as an AOL Buddy
Alert (what ever that is) and "...the most minimal use of a buddy
pounce". But that is not my first impression. Neither of "Buddy pounce"
from the directory, nor "Kompisattack".

Pouncing, striking, hiting, attacking, sound unfriendly to me. But
remember I'm not native in english.

What about "Buddy reactor" or "Buddy reactions". 
Or "Buddy events" or "Buddy eventhandler" which must be the most exact
description. Or maybe "Buddy automation".

Take 5 secs and ask yourself; Is "pounce" or "pouncing" friendly? Does
it go well with Buddys?

If you think it's ok ... keep up your good work in developing Pidgin
but if you agree a little with me ... change the function name in the

Peter Allingmon <peter.allingmon at telia.com>

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