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Phil Hannent phil at
Thu Jul 3 07:04:32 EDT 2008

Mark Doliner wrote:
> I asked and it's likely Meebo would donate a single 1U server if we
> can find somewhere to host it.  It would be a used (for maybe a year
> or two) Dell Poweredge 850, Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz (dual
> core), 2GB RAM and a single 73GB drive (we'd probably want to buy a
> second drive and use RAID1).
> Are we interested in being responsible for our own hardware?  We'd
> need to install an OS and reinstall our services and stuff.  And I
> imagine we'd be much worse off if there's a hardware failure.  But it
> seems like it would perform better than a shared server of any sort.
> If that's something we're interested in then we should ask about
> hosting.
A quick google suggests that a 1U colocation in the UK costs £50 per 
month with 200GB of bandwidth.  It would be nice if a company or 
organisation could donate the money on an annual basis.   If there were 
two servers the whole thing could be mirrored to redundancy.

While hardware seems to be in plentiful supply its the colocation that 
is an issue.  Are there any organisations that offer support to open 
source projects?  Does the Free Software Foundation do this?  What about 
looking down stream and asking distributors to help?  What about the, could they accept ongoing donations to be used in this way? 

I was thinking of if a number of people or organisations agree to a 
small monthly amount (say £5) for a minimum of a year, it would not take 
many to get a 1U space.

Phil Hannent

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