very slow

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Thu Jul 3 07:17:56 EDT 2008


Phil Hannent schrieb:
> A quick google suggests that a 1U colocation in the UK costs £50 per 
> month with 200GB of bandwidth.  It would be nice if a company or 
> organisation could donate the money on an annual basis.   If there were 
> two servers the whole thing could be mirrored to redundancy.
In Germany you get a dedicated server for 49€, including all bandwith 
(after 1TB/month the network will be limited to 10MBit/s until you reset 
it via web frontend back to 100MBit/s) including the hardware and 6 IP 

See for details. I guess you could 
find even cheaper ones, but I only have experience with that specific 
provider (and so far they didn't dissappoint me ;)


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