Authorization requests in oscar

Stefan Ott stefan at
Mon Jul 7 21:22:33 EDT 2008


I recently stumbled over a small annoyance in the way pidgin handles
icq authorization requests and would like to help fixing it. The
'issue' is that when I deny an authorization request, I don't care at
all about what reason the other user sees, thus the "Authorization
Denied Message"-prompt is quite pointless to me. Ideally, there would
be a way for me to tell pidgin to just always use the default reason
(which is what I do manually right now).

Now the question is, how/where should such an option be implemented?
The three options I could think of so far are:
 - As part of ICQ's settings (privacy options? account settings?)
 - A 'boolean' signal where plugins can tell pidgin to use the default reply
 - A signal where plugins can tell pidgin what to reply (might get
annoying if several plugins try to set the message)

I would personally prefer the first option, since this would allow for
plugins which interfere with authentication to remain protocol

Any opinions?

Stefan Ott

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