UPnP in libpurple

Ryan Govostes rgovostes at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 22:05:14 EDT 2008

Presently, I have libnatpmp compiled into libpurple and have rewritten  
natpmp.c accordingly. I do not have a NAT-PMP router, so I had a  
friend test it, and everything seemed to go well. I wrote a  
Makefile.am for it and changed others as necessary. I do need to make  
it a configuration switch to enable/disable, reverting to the old  

A problem we're facing is that NAT-PMP has long timeouts. For  
instance, when we try to get our public IP address, the timeout is 128  
seconds, even if the router doesn't support NAT-PMP! Since the  
function to get the IP blocks while we wait for the response, my  
implementation cannot realistically follow spec.

How can we change this to be asynchronous?

Ryan Govostes

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