account-authorization-requested signal

deckrider deckrider at
Thu Jul 10 19:43:12 EDT 2008

I'm writing to ask for consideration that the
account-authorization-requested signal be expanded to include
something that means "not yet ready to respond".

This is to give plugins (such as bot-sentry) the possibility to do
other things that might take some interaction/time before sending a
automatic response.

I'm not yet sure how vital this request is, but there are bot-sentry
users who have asked for it, the thinking being that the customary
behavior of asking the auth requester the usual bot-sentry question
and then upon a satisfactory answer, granting the request.

(Of course there is the issue that this may not work with services
like Google Talk, which seems to require that both users grant each
other authorization before either can speak to the other.)

For reference, here is the current API:


void (*account_authorization_requested)(PurpleAccount *account, const
char *user);

    Emitted when a user requests authorization.

    	account 	The account.
    	user 	The name of the user requesting authorization.

    Less than zero to deny the request without prompting, greater than
zero if the request should be granted. If zero is returned, then the
user will be prompted with the request.


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