compiling but Finch is not being installed

Sadrul Habib Chowdhury imadil at
Thu Jul 10 19:51:30 EDT 2008

* Ulises Alvarado had this to say on [10 Jul 2008, 14:29:46 -0700]:
> Hello, I've downloaded Pidgin2.4.3, then executed
> ./configure --disable-nm && make && sudo make install
> on Ubuntu 6.06
> Everything is working great, but no Finch package seems to be installed, is it because are some dependecies missing? or is it because i haven't the right compilers?

It's likely that you don't have ncurses[w] library or its headers
installed. Once you have installed them, run configure again. When you
configure, the output at the very end prints out information about the
components that will be built. You should see a line:

	Build console UI.............. : yes

which means configure found the required dependencies, and finch will be
built. If the line still says "no", then look at config.log file to see
why it's failing to find ncurses.


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