Bounty for voice/video support in Pidgin

Birger Brunswiek birger at
Sun Jul 27 14:07:14 EDT 2008

Richard Laager wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 10:54 -0700, Mark Doliner wrote:
>> 1. Break the project into subprojects.  We should at least split up
>> the various protocols, and possibly separate voice from video.
> [...]
> To me, it seems that voice is more important than video, because people
> who want to use webcams would generally expect that the audio work at
> the same time. At the same time, if implementing video implies audio,
> then you'd be able to claim both at once (or audio first) anyway.
> It also seems to me that we would want to prefer XMPP over proprietary
> protocols.

I agree to those two points.

> From there, I think we'd want to allocate resources to protocols in
> order of the difficulty of work. However, we could go either way with
> that. Offering more money for a harder protocol makes it more likely
> someone will pick that up, but offering more money for the easier
> protocol would steer effort in the direction that would get us the
> fastest bang for our buck.

Apart from the voice and video per protocol job there's also the general 
(user) interface which needs to be implemented once. And this for all 
possible platforms Pidgin currently supports.

On what grounds do you suggest to order the protocols based on their 
difficulty? Maybe this is easy, but to me who's not really involved in 
the development of the various protocols it'd be difficult to judge.

In general I don't really like the idea to put so many resources into a 
very difficult protocol such as Skype, just because the owner of the 
protocol did so many things to make it most obscure. I think the money 
would be much better invested on open or well known protocols.

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