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Phil Hannent phil at
Mon Jul 28 05:00:57 EDT 2008

Maiku wrote:
> 2008/7/24 Phil Hannent <phil at>:
>> Is the vv integration planing on having a display when sound is coming from
>> the mic?
Generally I would say that a dialogue that blinks or moves can be distracting. 
The old Windows 95 defragment utility was well known for people watching it like 
a television.

It is very useful to have a visual indicator (and especially for what you are 
doing).  It is interesting to look at other clients screens [1] I see that Gtalk 
give some visual feedback but the rest do not.

Ekiga [2] does not but there are strange numbers in its status bar.

iChat [3] and MSN Messenger [4] do not appear to do so.

I cannot tell from the screen shots if Yahoo [5] does or not.

Generally if you have implemented something its not worth removing it until a 
strong consensus develops against it.  I was just hoping that if it had not been 
done that it could have been added as a plug-in.

Phil Hannent


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