Visual indicator was: Re: soc.2008.vv: 2b075cad: Added a mute button for the local microp...

Andreas Monitzer pidgin at
Mon Jul 28 07:36:04 EDT 2008

On Jul 28, 2008, at 11:00, Phil Hannent wrote:

> It is very useful to have a visual indicator (and especially for  
> what you are doing).  It is interesting to look at other clients  
> screens [1] I see that Gtalk give some visual feedback but the rest  
> do not.
> Ekiga [2] does not but there are strange numbers in its status bar.
> iChat [3] and MSN Messenger [4] do not appear to do so.

iChat does have one when going without video:

(screenshot from an older version)


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