Pidgin Manual proposal - need some feedback

Dennis 'EvilDennisR' Ristuccia evildennisr at
Sun Jun 1 15:15:46 EDT 2008

Ananda Samaddar wrote:
> I forgot to CC this to the mailing list.....
> Dennis 'EvilDennisR' Ristuccia wrote:
>  > I have some experience doing manuals, I'd like to help you work on this
>  > project.
>  >
> Good to hear.
>  >
>  > I have no objections to using lyx, nor do I have any opinion about it;
>  > I've never used it. You said it can be exported to HTML and PDF, and has
>  > OO.o support, so that sounds good enough for me.
>  >
>  > I think a better question to ask would be, does anyone have any
>  > information as to why we /shouldn't/ use lyx?
> I've no idea about OO.o support.  I know LyX docs can exported to LaTeX, 
> html and PDF.  Of course there'll also be converters for LaTeX and html 
> to various other formats like rtf (ugh).  The worst case scenario will 
> involve removing and recreating the mark up manually if we need to 
> switch to using a different application or format..  Plus LyX has good 
> support for non-latin scripts (Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic etc) which will 
> help potential translators.
>  >
>  > These all sound about right.. I'm sure many of the other developers
>  > around could help produce a list of 'annoyances' that users tend to
>  > complain/get confused about. We can cover those in addition.
>  >
>  >
>  > No. No windows.. *shudder* I say take screenshots under X with the
>  > default gtk theme, and window-decorations removed.
>  >
> Ok, but I hate doing screenshots myself.  I hope someone else doesn't 
> mind doing them.  Writing pages and pages of text is not a problem.

Thats fine, I can do the screenshots.

> The main issue I'm thinking of now is revision control and hosting.  I'm 
> sure LyX has built in support for various revision control systems, but 
> I'll have to look into it.  As for hosting, would it be possible to get 
> this hosted on the main Pidgin web site?

Anyone have any suggestions for version control for this? Pidgin's 
existing mtn tree maybe? Seems like this is a different entity than 
source code, maybe its own tree?

As far as hosting, I think it would be better to get this "off the
ground" so to speak before we put anything on pidgins web site. I'm sure
once we get the ball rolling and have some content we would be able to
put it up on pidgins site no problem.

I can demo-host this stuff on one of my machines until its time to move
it to the live site.

Dennis 'EvilDennisR' Ristuccia
AIM|Y!|IRC: EvilDennisR

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