Pidgin Manual proposal - need some feedback

Ananda Samaddar ananda.samaddar at
Sun Jun 1 16:55:23 EDT 2008

Dennis 'EvilDennisR' Ristuccia wrote:
O.o support, so that sounds good enough for me.
>>  >
>>  > I think a better question to ask would be, does anyone have any
>>  > information as to why we /shouldn't/ use lyx?

I didn't realise, that Docbook, which was suggested on this list, is 
actually supported by LyX.  It's win-win situation.

> Thats fine, I can do the screenshots.

Good that's a relief.

> Anyone have any suggestions for version control for this? Pidgin's 
> existing mtn tree maybe? Seems like this is a different entity than 
> source code, maybe its own tree?
> As far as hosting, I think it would be better to get this "off the
> ground" so to speak before we put anything on pidgins web site. I'm sure
> once we get the ball rolling and have some content we would be able to
> put it up on pidgins site no problem.
> I can demo-host this stuff on one of my machines until its time to move
> it to the live site.

Great, I've got an e-mail public key (all messages from this address are 
signed) and I use OTR messaging if you need to send me any usernames / 
passwords.  I've got IM accounts with MSN, Google Talk and Yahoo.


Ananda Samaddar

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