Automatically reconnect accounts signed on elsewhere

Diego Costantini diego.costantini at
Wed Jun 4 07:44:35 EDT 2008

Well, when I come back to the disconnected PC, I wouldn't wait any minute to automatically reconnect. So in my opinion it should be immediate when there is activity on the PC, but this should be just an (un)selectable option because it happens sometimes that I connect from a virtual machine from the same PC, and it would be not possible when I can't disable such "feature".


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So, what would people say to the idea of adding a tickybox to Prefs → Status/Idle to tell Pidgin to automatically reconnect accounts that were disconnected because you signed on elsewhere when you return from idle?

(Perhaps with some n-minute delay to make sure you really are back, where n is half the time before you go idle or five minutes whichever is the smaller or something?)

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