Volunteer for video/audio chat on pidgin

Avinash avinash.rk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 13:01:09 EDT 2008


I have been a gaim/pidgin user for around 7 years. I am interested in
seeing pidgin support video and voice chat to the extent that I am
willing to work on it. Part-time of course. I am employed full-time
currently as a Java developer but I have done my fair bit of C coding.

I had done some gaim debugging too in my college days to get msn
working from inside my campus. There were 4 servers required in the
authentication process - two of them needed proxy and two did not and
at that time your codebase either made all connections through the
proxy or none. It was a very specific hack of course but I can develop
as well.

Your requirement states: "If you really want to help, have 15 hours a
week of free time, have at least five years experienced programming in
C and have experience with undocumented network protocols then please
email our devel mailing list and ask where you can get started. "

Now I might not have 15 hrs per week to work on it but I can certainly
commit 8 (some time off from my weekends) :-)

Could you revert back to me on how I can help?

Avinash Radhakrishnan

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