request consideration for aclocal.m4 modification

Enrico Weigelt weigelt at
Thu Jun 12 15:19:22 EDT 2008

* Bill Fassler <bill.fassler at> wrote:


> So I will explicitly ask for the modification of aclocal.m4 although my patch may not necessarily be the best solution.

as other folks already said: aclocal.m4 is created locally 
(at your box). Some projects ship that file, but this is
crap behaviour ;-p

> I see this error:
> make[3]: Entering directory `/home/vocal/project/blackfin-svn-trunk/bf561-vphone/archive/uClinux-wchar/user/pidgin-first/libpurple'
> Making all in gconf
> make[4]: Entering directory `/home/vocal/project/blackfin-svn-trunk/bf561-vphone/archive/uClinux-wchar/user/pidgin-first/libpurple/gconf'
> LC_ALL=C ../../intltool-merge -s -u -c ../../po/.intltool-merge-cache ../../po purple.schemas
> Possible unintended interpolation of @INTLTOOL_ICONV in string at ../../intltool-merge line 96.
> Global symbol "@INTLTOOL_ICONV" requires explicit package name at ../../intltool-merge line 96.
> BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ../../intltool-merge line 263.
> make[4]: *** [purple.schemas] Error 9

You should first remove *all* autogenerated files and then re-run 
the whole chain (including autoreconf etc). If one of the Makefiles
still contains words in @'s, than some variables are not AC_SUBST()'ed.

Please check this and report back.

> I was reminded of this when I had to do a distclean in order to 

Distclean is not clean enough. You should also remove evrything
that's created by autoconf+friends and the re-run them all.

> obtain the pre and post version of my config.log to help justify 
> my request to modifiy

What exactly do you want to modify there ?

> Now upon a second round of experience with this, it seems like I 
> need to modify aclocal.m4 

Definitively not! it is autogerated, so regeneration will 
kill your changes. And you already know that, and why, patches 
against that file won't be accepted by upstream.

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