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Enrico Weigelt weigelt at
Thu Jun 12 15:36:03 EDT 2008

* segalion <segalion at> wrote:
> I´d like to ask for a command line interface to interact with pidgin.
> In example, for:
> - Change state from command line:
> $pidgin-client --state "dont_disturb" --text-state "Meeting from 11:00 to
> 12:00 at B55 room"
> - Send a IM from command line
> $pidgin-client --sendIM "myfriend at gmail" "hello friend. Please call me  now
> at my mobile phone"

I'm planning an 9P-based interface to pidgin, so it becomes a fileserver.
Then you can simply mount the pidgin tree and use your favourite 
shell (maybe write some convenient functions).

In longer terms, I'm also planning to completely decouple GUI and
protocol handling this way.

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