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* Anil Gupta <800pbx2 at> wrote:


> Our server uses java and I understand that libpurple can be used in
> conjunction with dbus support. Since this is a server component and we run
> on production boxes, we do not install xwin or gnome environs. My questions
> to the community

If you don't insist on dbus, then you might be interested in my 9P server
plans. In short words: pidgin becomes an fileserver which gives access
to all functions via a simple fs tree. 

AFAIK, there's already an java implementation for the 9P/styx protocol,
but as it's an very simple protocol, it's not a big deal to implement
a new one.

> g) For load distrbution, I think I should be able to use multiple instances
> of pidgin tied to different dbus addresses and let the main server manage
> the distribution of connection to various pidgin instances. Can multiple
> instances of pidgin run on the same box? Is the approach correct?

Simply one instance per user ? 

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