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Kevin Stange kstange at pidgin.im
Fri Jun 13 07:16:53 EDT 2008

CARLOSMERAHORTI at terra.es wrote:
> I do not understand why pidgin core developers are supporting
> unsupported software, that may even have security related bugs 
> unfixed,
> since that goes against users best interests.
> Users should be always using supported software and pidgin should not
> encourage using unsupported software. Pidgin is just encouraging 
> laziness
> letting users still work with that old software.

You are missing a point that is of significant note.  Many distributions 
still ship old versions of these libraries for binary compatibility 
reasons.  RHEL 3, which is still receiving security updates is using 
glib 2.2.x.  There are likely distributions operating with older 
libraries that still maintain backports to ensure security is 
maintained.  It is our goal to allow users of these platforms to access 
newer versions of Pidgin if possible as long as the impact to the 
functionality of Pidgin is relatively minor in doing so.

The software may be "unsupported" upstream, but it's still supported by 
someone, and as long as it's not a major problem to support, I don't see 
any problem with making the effort.  If we allow such compatibility to 
lapse, we hear about it, and sometimes even receive patches to fix it. 
It doesn't hurt users of newer versions of the library, so there is no 
good reason to refuse.


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