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Mon Jun 16 05:09:42 EDT 2008

2008/6/14 Luke Schierer <lschiere at pidgin.im>:
> Richard Laager wrote:
>> On Fri, 2008-06-13 at 06:07 -0500, Kevin Stange wrote:
>>> Monotone is a relatively new VCS, but it seems to work pretty well as far
>>> as I've used it.  In our search, we (Ethan primarily) looked at many and
>>> guided us toward the one he found most promise with.
>> Also, at the time we chose Monotone, git was not as nice (assuming that
>> what I hear about it being good now is true) or popular as it is now.
>> Perhaps we should consider switching to a different DVCS, but that
>> involves a lot of work so there has to be some real value.
>> Richard
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> One of the main reasons for choosing monotone over git was the size of the
> resulting repository that each of us would have to clone.  I do not know if
> git has addressed that since then, but our entire repository, in git form,
> was VERY large back when we were evaluating this.

Did you run git-gc?

I just finished cloning the entire mtn repo and it's 103M. However,
git has grafting support, so you can split your repo and join it at
any time.

Best regards.

Felipe Contreras

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