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Kevin Stange kevin at
Mon Jun 23 22:02:28 EDT 2008

Kevin Stange wrote:
> Stu Tomlinson wrote:
>> On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 02:20 -0400, markdoliner at wrote:
>>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Revision: ebc5ac66e700f6c67e30069ee2ebd4bb61f82ec8
>>> Ancestor: 2a2005d1ea7113d6455687048cd66fdb825b991b
>>> Author: markdoliner at
>>> Date: 2008-05-02T06:15:33
>>> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
>>> URL: 
>>> Modified files:
>>>         libpurple/idle.c
>>> ChangeLog:
>>> Don't try to tell the IM network that we're not idle when we disconnect.
>>> This was causing a crash for me in silc when I got disconnected while
>>> idle.  I'm not really sure why we would want to do this... the commit
>>> message was "A patch from Kevin Stange that should fix some idleness
>>> problems with MSN and Yahoo" but I couldn't find any more info about
>>> that.
>> Maybe this is what is causing the failure to return from idle reported
>> to support at ? or maybe it's just uncovered some other
>> brokenness?
> If it's the cause, how did it not manifest itself for 2 years?  I've 
> seen the idle issue reported in the mailing list, actually, but I 
> haven't managed to track it down yet.  It definitely started sometime in 
> the past couple releases.

Bah, nevermind me.  I read your explanation backwards.  You're saying 
this commit from Mark to undo the change did so.  The function being 
called does that Mark does, except it also unsets the idle on the 
account itself.  My guess is that the presence has to be removed from 
the account or when it signs back on, even though it's not in the glist, 
it still sets itself idle.

The crash in SILC and that are probably signs of brokenness.  We might 
consider that if the glist is not in fact what the accounts use to 
determine their idleness, should that glist exist, or should the other 
place for storing idle be removed instead?

The more places we track one piece of information independently the 
better the chance for them to get out of sync with one another.


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