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Kevin Stange kevin at
Mon Jun 23 21:57:36 EDT 2008

Stu Tomlinson wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-05-02 at 02:20 -0400, markdoliner at wrote:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Revision: ebc5ac66e700f6c67e30069ee2ebd4bb61f82ec8
>> Ancestor: 2a2005d1ea7113d6455687048cd66fdb825b991b
>> Author: markdoliner at
>> Date: 2008-05-02T06:15:33
>> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
>> URL:
>> Modified files:
>>         libpurple/idle.c
>> ChangeLog: 
>> Don't try to tell the IM network that we're not idle when we disconnect.
>> This was causing a crash for me in silc when I got disconnected while
>> idle.  I'm not really sure why we would want to do this... the commit
>> message was "A patch from Kevin Stange that should fix some idleness
>> problems with MSN and Yahoo" but I couldn't find any more info about
>> that.
> Maybe this is what is causing the failure to return from idle reported
> to support at ? or maybe it's just uncovered some other
> brokenness?

If it's the cause, how did it not manifest itself for 2 years?  I've 
seen the idle issue reported in the mailing list, actually, but I 
haven't managed to track it down yet.  It definitely started sometime in 
the past couple releases.

Changelog:      [gaim-migrate @ 16765]
A patch from Kevin Stange that should fix some idleness problems with
MSN and Yahoo
Date:     Tue, 15 Aug 2006 07:23:13 GMT

This is the full patch:

It seems to mainly ensure that when accounts sign back on, the idle time 
gets reset on the server.  The two changes in the signing_off_cb may be 
unnecessary, but it was two years ago, I have no idea what I was 
thinking. :)

The function called instead of the g_list_remove calls that ultimately 
but also does presence changes against the account.  It may have made 
sense before the whole status rewrite.


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