Perl script plugins / Pidgin for Windows

Kevin Stange kstange at
Thu Jun 26 13:29:01 EDT 2008

xanth1 wrote:
> This may be a completely stupid question, but hopefully I can get a decent
> answer -- google searches are messy on this subject to say the least. I am
> using Pidgin for Windows, I've downloaded the last few versions from
> Pidgin.IM and they all appeared to be compiled without Perl support.

They are compiled with perl support, but the Perl loader on Windows 
detects whether you have perl installed on your computer and if not it 
will disable itself.

> The perl.dll resides in the Plugins directory -- but since the Perl is
> "disabled" (verified under Help->About) I cannot get my perl plugins from my
> Ubuntu box to load in. Is there a precompiled version of Pidgin with Perl
> support, or is there a way to enable Perl support short of compiling on
> Windows?

You need to install ActivePerl on your computer.

> THanks

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