PHPurple 0.1.0 pre-alpha is released

Sascha Vogt FunkyFish at
Mon Mar 3 02:32:49 EST 2008


Anatoliy Belsky schrieb:
> yeah, I'm only the one, who writes this binding ... and I have nothing agains 
> GPL, quite the contrary. I don't making any closed source (please read my 
> lisence text), I simply want to make the binding as easy of access as 
> possible. hm .. i'm confused ... why if the bsd license is gpl compatible, i 
> can't use it?
OK, first of all, there are many different "BSD"-licenses, so you should 
make clear to which one you are refering.

Second I recommend to read [0], and check whether your license is listed 
there. And in the short paragraph describing each license you will find 
a statement about the compatibility with the GPL.

>>> ... hm ... I'm human ... this binding costs for me 4 month of my life
>>> .......: if someone will tell me, the license is important and therefore
>>> ... i can't compensate the development time ... my time ... ok ... i
>>> can't .... hm ... ok ...  I've learned a lot ... but the opensource
>>> comunity will lose a donative member ... definitely ... and I wan't this
>>> ... please give me a chance .... what the sentence must into the license
>>> ?
I'm not sure, I understand you correctly, but refering to your last 
"sentence" (I usually end them with one point, not three ;): it is not 
about just a sentence to be included, but about a license being 
compatible "in spirit".

The main difference between BSD-style licenses and GPL-style is, that 
BSD allows you to do whatever you want (copyleft). Therefore you can 
take the code, modify it and then sell it without releasing the source 
This is in contrast to GPL, where you are forced to release the source 
code of whatever you change to to original code. Note: you only have to 
release it to your customers, so as long as you're developing for 
yourself (see meebo), you are free to do whatever you want.



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